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Enjoy your Golden Years...

Golden Years community is infused with an atmosphere that feels like home while intentionally providing the flexible structure needed to enhance behavior, personal choices and social participation, enriching the resident’s overall sense of well-being.  It is the intent, through life skills stations and daily activities and events, to keep residents engaged in every skill, physical, mental, and social, as long as they are capable. 

By knowing each individual’s life story, Golden Years caregivers are better suited to assist residents in reconnecting with themselves, their loved ones and life itself. Residents of Golden Years can enjoy their own gym, living room with fireplace, restaurant-style dining, activities room, secured courtyard, and group classes. Golden Years Living will have access to on-site physical therapy and home health at the facility. Guests and friends of the residents at GYALF are welcomed any time and can enjoy the beautiful cafeteria and entertaining activities.

We welcome all applicants’ ages 21 and older.  Single and double occupancy are available.  Our rates include all meals and snacks. Absolute privacy and confidentiality is assured for each resident.  All finances, accounts, properties, and personal belongings are strictly the private business of each resident, and solely belong to them to do with as they see fit.  The only obligation would be to compensate their monthly rent.

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